Many of today’s high performing products are manufactured using Polyurethane components. The level of customer satisfaction these products deliver depends largely on achieving and maintaining a specific quality standard. As a result, quality is an integral part of everything we do at the
P3T Lab, Polyurethane Physical Property Testing Laboratory.

P3T Lab is a world-class facility, staffed by industry-respected professionals, that are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through accurate, timely, unbiased and cost effective physical property evaluations of Polyurethane-based products. We offer a comprehensive range of testing services, to help customers validate product performance. P3T Lab performs destructive and non-destructive testing on: flexible and semi-rigid foams, foam/fibre glass laminated boards, and foam/fabric composites.

We encourage you to view the balance of this website, for a better understanding of our services. Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a tour of our facility. We look forward to meeting with you, to discuss how P3T Lab can help with your testing needs.
For more information please contact us at:

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